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Since founding Lewtress Natural Health back in 1994 we have developed a wide range of effective herbal supplements which we use daily in our Natural Health Clinic and supply worldwide by mail order (read more about us). As well as delicious Probiotic Kombucha tonics, we have created a range of Bio active herbal supplements, including Echinacea, Horny Goat Weed, Damiana, Ginseng and Elderberry just to name a few.
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Each of the Lewtress Probiotic tonics and bio active products use a growing media containing many strains of friendly live bacterial flora, that are naturally occurring and in a balanced form. Complete with naturally occurring beneficial digestive enzymes, essential amino acids, glucuronic and other beneficial organic acids, vitamin C and B complex vitamins, together with cell protecting phyto-nutrients that can help achieve and maintain a healthy body capable of surviving the 21st century lifestyle. All our Probiotic and bio active products are very different and far superior to the mass produced and TV advertised versions on the market that are of little benefit, and contain large amounts of sugar and only a small amount of friendly flora. Our Kombucha has been tested in specialist laboratories in Utah in the USA and in the UK. Many famous people, from TV actors / movie stars and pop stars to sports men and women are known to include Kombucha as part of their every day nutrition as a must have daily tonic for health and longevity.
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Lewtress Natural Health Ltd is the leading worldwide supplier and producer, of 100% natural products containing live pro-biotic Kombucha. We at Lewtress do not heat treat or pasteurise any of our products, (this destroys most of the beneficial enzymes, amino acid and vitamin content) and we do not use any preservatives, artificial flavourings, colourings or artificial additives of any kind.
Lewtress is an innovative company, which cultivates its Kombucha plants/cultures according to unique processes; It controls the whole process from growing the cultures to the bottling and packaging, thus preserving all the essential nutrients that contribute to the effectiveness of the products.
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The Lewtress production unit is perfectly situated on the Welsh coast to take full advantage of the fresh country air and sea breezes that benefit the natural growth of Kombucha cultures
kombucha products uk Lewtress Kombucha based products have passed the Trading Standards ‘on the shelf’ test. This means that the products stay live and palatable without the use of stabilisers, preservatives or pasteurisation/heat treatment, unlike many other commercially produced Kombucha products. Lewtress are still the only producer in the UK to have achieved this.
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