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Ginseng for energy and endurance
Ginseng from Lewtress.
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Lewtress Panax Ginseng Extract Capsules
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Lewtress Panax Ginseng Extract Capsules
1 pot (60 capsules)£23.50
2 pots (120 capsules)£44.75
3 pots (180 capsules)£63.50

Panax Ginseng. High strength, premium quality capsules.

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High potency Lewtress Panax Ginseng capsules, 60 vegetable capsules per pot. 

For years, sportsmen and women have used Ginseng to push the body to its physical and mental peak.

Ginseng is one of a unique group of herbs known as an adaptogen.
Adaptogenic herbs help normalise and balance body systems, increasing resistance to stress and building general vitality.

Ginseng has the power to move a person to new levels of physical performance, especially in cases of exhaustion and weakness.
Alternatively, it can simply be used when a bit more 'get up and go' is needed.

  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Free from fillers, additives or preservatives of any kind
  • Manufactured under strict GMP controls
  • Non GMO
  • Non Irradiated 

Pullulan capsules (suitable for vegans) containing 380mg pure Panax Ginseng root extract, standardised to 20.8% Ginsenosides, providing 79mg Ginsenosides per capsule.

Suggested intake: 1 capsule twice a day with water
Avoid use during pregnancy
Lewtress Siberian Ginseng
Lewtress Siberian Ginseng
1 Pot (60 capsules)£13.99
2 pots (120 capsules)£25.25
3 Pots (180 capsules)£35.95

Siberian Ginseng Extract Capsules. Stress and exhaustion

Save money with our multi-buy deals 

"Evidence suggests it can do much to enhance our vitality and protect us from the effects of stress." Source: Daily Mail read here

Lewtress Siberian Ginseng is highly recommended for adrenal exhaustion caused by stress and stressful environments, (hectic and noisy work places for instance).
Long term use of Siberian Ginseng can improve a person’s ability to cope with these stressful environments, resulting in an increase in either physical or mental work capacity.

Siberian Ginseng can be beneficial for the immune system, helping to keep the body's defences strong.

supporting information can be read here

  • 35:1 extract strength standardised to .83% Eleutherosides E+B
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Free from fillers, additives or preservatives of any kind
  • Manufactured under strict controls
  • 100% pure and natural ingredients
  • Non GMO, non irradiated

Vegetable (Pullulan) capsules containing 460mg  pure Siberian Ginseng root extract 35:1 standardised to .83% Eleutherosides E+B and 10mg Rosa Canina powder and shells

Suggested intake: 1 capsule twice daily. For adults only.
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