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Bombyx Daily is a powerful aphrodisiac which can help increase sexual performance in men
Boost your Sex Drive. Lewtress Bombyx Daily Complex is a unique addition to our male performance enhancement range, to help men rediscover a youthful virility. When taken daily, Bombyx Daily Complex provides constant support to your libido. Get your mojo back and regain your confidence and self esteem with Bombyx Daily Complex.
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Bombyx Daily Complex Capsules
Bombyx Daily Complex Capsules
1 pack 10 Capsules (10 days supply)£15.95
1 pack 30 Capsules (1 months supply)£39.95
Multibuy - 3 packs of 30 capsules (3 months supply)£114.85

NEW - Bombyx Daily Complex Capsules for Men

Bombyx Daily Complex has been specially developed to help men have their libido supported continuously. This can have many beneficial advantages over just taking a 'use as required' supplement, in that there are no timing issues by having to take a product at a set time before intended activity. In addition to having a constantly supported libido, Bombyx Daily can help provide a youthful feeling, with improved energy, drive, concentration and at the same time support a healthy active prostate. 

A vast majority of men have found our Bombyx Mori L Complex to be highly effective.  However, some men may need to take a different approach.  

Lack of performance in the bedroom can be distressing for men and this can cause a lack of self esteem and related problems.  Lewtress has spent two years developing Bombyx Daily, a unique supplement which is taken in a different way to other male enhancers.  

Most other male enhancers are taken an hour or so before sexual activity.  Bombyx Daily however, is taken on a daily basis by dissolving the whole capsule in the mouth on an empty stomach, usually first thing in the morning.  In the first instance, some men may need to use this version daily for 4 to 6 days to reach full effectiveness.  By continuing to use the supplement on a regular basis, the body will be kept in an optimum, primed state. 

We like to think that this version of Bombyx is a daily mojo for men.  

What’s the difference between Lewtress Bombyx Daily and Lewtress Bombyx Mori L Complex? 

  • Bombyx Daily Complex is taken every day to keep the body in an enhanced state without having to plan sexual activity or performance.  This can be beneficial for some men and can avoid embarrassing situations. 
  • Bombyx Mori L Complex is taken as and when required i.e. one hour or more before intended activity.  Some men prefer this. 

Bombyx Daily also supports optimum health for men.  It may help with improving cognitive function, as well as endurance and energy.  We have also found that Bombyx Daily can help get things going again when all else has failed.  Bombyx Daily can do this by constantly nudging the libido system back on line. 

When Bombyx Daily Complex is actually used daily, Bombyx Mori L Complex, or other performance enhancers can also be used to further increase performance if and when required. 

Lewtress Bombyx Daily complex is a 100% natural sexual enhancement formula. Each veg capsule contains 500mg of active ingredients.

Capsules are sent in a letterbox friendly flat pack.   

Suggested intake: 1 capsule daily. Dissolve the whole capsule in the mouth on an empty stomach, usually first thing in the mornings. Adult male use only.
Do not use this supplement if you suffer from un-controlled high blood pressure, or if you have a heart condition.  Do not use this supplement if you are under medical supervision - without first consulting your health care provider. 


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1 pack 10 Capsules (10 days supply)£15.95
1 pack 30 Capsules (1 months supply)£39.95
Multibuy - 3 packs of 30 capsules (3 months supply)£114.85
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