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Cathay Wootres and Rob Lewis Certified Iridologists and Naturopaths.
C.I.B.T.A.C. C.I.D.E.S.C.O. A.E.T. B.A.B.T.A.C
British Association of Complementary Therapies
Lewtress Natural Health is the leading worldwide supplier and producer, of 100% natural Kombucha Tea.
All our Kombucha teas contain live probiotic Kombucha. We do not heat treat or pasteurise any of our Kombucha drinks as this destroys most of the beneficial enzymes, amino acid and vitamin content. We do not use any preservatives, artificial flavourings, colourings or artificial additives of any kind.
Lewtress is an innovative company, which cultivates its Kombucha plants/cultures according to unique processes; It controls the whole process from growing the cultures to the bottling and packaging, thus preserving all the essential nutrients that contribute to the effectiveness of the products.
kombucha products uk Lewtress Kombucha based products have passed the Trading Standards ‘on the shelf’ test. This means that the products stay live and palatable without the use of stabilisers, preservatives or pasteurisation/heat treatment, unlike many other commercially produced Kombucha products. Lewtress are still the only producer in the UK to have achieved this.
Lewtress Kombucha
Our kombucha production unit is perfectly situated on the Welsh coast to take full advantage of the fresh country air and sea breezes that benefit the natural growth of Kombucha cultures
"I have suffered from Fatigue and various mystery symptoms including severe IBS type symptoms for 9 years. Having seen countless number of doctors and had many tests done, there was no improvement. A friend then told me about Kombucha and the benefits. I decided that I had nothing to lose by trying it (although I have tried various other things without any noticeable benfits). After researching various options, I decided I did not want the effort in trying to brew my own and so having found your site, I sent in my first order. When my order arrived, I was in the middle of suffering from severe IBS type symptoms (nausea,fatigue, stomach and back pains, etc.) This had been ongoing for two weeks and was not improving at all. I opened my first bottle and drank the recommended 50ml and within an hour my stomach pains started to ease. This is only my third day and I cannot believe the difference. All of the IBS type symptoms have gone. I have more energy that I have had for ages and I feel healthier than I have done for years. I only wish that I had known about Kombucha 9 years ago. I have spent many hours and a lot of money trying to find an answer over the last few years. I know my search has stopped. Please be assured that you will be receiving further orders from me. Many thanks" Steve Taylor
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Lewtress reviews
"I ordered the Kombucha from you last week which you shipped to Hammersmith Apollo. I just wanted you to know your Kombucha is the best I have ever tasted! I've tasted all brands in the USA and most in Canada and yours is better than all of them! There is one brand for sale but it is very vinegary, yours is not. Do not give your recipe away, it is THE best ever." D Thomas-Rose
"Just wanted to say THANK YOU! Amazing Kombucha - really really good, and I have already given a bottle to my daughter. Thanks for very quick delivery - much appreciated." J Kingsley
"OMG received my order of Kombucha this am. It is the nicest drink I have ever tasted. I drank some straight away so it was still warm. Thank you so much. The nicest Kombucha ever! I am going to add you on FB and tell everyone. You should sell at health food shops as the other stuff is rubbish compared to yours.
Lovely thank you so much."
K Deyn
our kombucha bottles are recyclable