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Lewtress Saw Palmetto is available in capsule and liquid form.
Our Saw Palmetto liquid is a blend of botanicals extracted with bio-active Kombucha culture – a specially fermented probiotic culture which harmonizes and complements the botanicals.
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Lewtress Saw Palmetto Liquid ExtractProstate Support
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Lewtress Saw Palmetto Liquid Extract
Prostate Support

High Potency Bio Active Saw Palmetto Complex (for Men)        

We at Lewtress do not make what we call ‘high street quality’ products; so before you buy Saw Palmetto, check the strength. We are confident that our practitioner developed herbal supplements are the most potent on the market, not only making them highly effective but economical as well. Made under strict controls.

Are you getting fed up of taking frequent trips to the bathroom at night?
Have you noticed a negative change in your sexual desire and performance?
If so, then this herbal extract could help you. Enlargement of the prostate (BPH) is a common condition that affects many men over the age of 45. Symptoms of this, depending upon its severity, include weak and painful urine flow and frequent urination, especially at night. This could also have a negative effect on your sexual desire and performance. These symptoms occur because of the prostate pressing on the urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder through the prostate and out through the penis).
Don’t cope with it on your own when there’s a simple, natural aid to this common problem. Look no further, both our superior quality liquid and highly concentrated encapsulated extracts of Saw Palmetto have been shown to provide support in helping with this problem.

What are the benefits of our Saw Palmetto?

  • May reduce the amount of times one has to get up at night.
  • May reduce the discomfort of an enlarged prostate.
  • May also slow down the onset of male-pattern baldness.
  • Noticeable improvements, usually within just a few days.

Saw Palmetto has been used for hundreds of years as a herbal aid for the relief of short-term urinary discomfort. The berries from the palm tree - Saw Palmetto - are the beneficial source of this nourishing natural plant, which originates from southern USA.

A true measure of success
Many customers using our Saw Palmetto have been genuinely amazed at the difference it has made. Current legislation prevents us from giving details,  but simply read the impartial reviews of our products on Trustpilot and make up your own mind. 

Ingredients (per 1ml)
Saw Palmetto Complex contains high strength liquid extracts made from the following dried herbs:
Saw Palmetto berries 1850mg
Horsetail 200mg
Based on live Bio active Kombucha culture liquid.


Suggested intake: 25 drops (approximately 1ml) two or three times daily
50 ml bottle£12.25
1 x 100 ml bottle£23.50
2 x 100 ml bottle£42.50
3 x 100 ml bottle£59.95
Lewtress Saw Palmetto Complex Capsules
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Lewtress Saw Palmetto Complex Capsules


Lewtress Saw Palmetto Complex Capsules (Prostate Support)

We have formulated this Complex to offer much more than just Saw Palmetto extract on its own, using only pure extracts and the finest most potent ingredients, with no fillers, binders, additives or preservatives of any kind. Packed into vegan / vegetarian friendly Pullulan Capsules, with recyclable foil sealed flat pack for letterbox friendly ease. 


Saw Palmetto 4:1 extract 153mg
Horsetail 7% extract 153mg
Nettle Leaf 20:1 extract 92mg
Beta Sitosterol 45% 61mg 

Pullulan capsule net weight total: 460mg

Suitable for vegans & vegetarians 

Suggested intake: 1 capsule (460mg) twice a day
1 letterbox friendly pack (60 capsules / 30 days)£23.65
2 letterbox friendly packs (120 capsules / 60 days)£42.50
3 letterbox friendly packs (180 capsules / 90 days)£59.95
Lewtress Saw Palmetto Capsules
code: SAW-P
Lewtress Saw Palmetto Capsules

Lewtress Saw Palmetto Extract Capsules (Prostate Support)

Made with only pure Saw Palmetto berry extract, no fillers, binders or additives of any kind. Packed in recyclable letterbox friendly flat packs, foil sealed for safety.

Each vegetable capsule contains 500mg pure Saw Palmetto extract 4:1 concentrate, equivalent to 2000mg dried Saw Palmetto berry powder. Pullulan vegetable capsule.

Suggested intake: 1 capsule twice daily.

Suitable for vegans & vegetarians

1 letterbox friendly pack (60 capsules / 30 days)£17.65
2 letterbox friendly packs (120 capsules / 60 days)£32.50
3 letterbox friendly packs (180 capsules / 90 days)£49.95
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