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Are you thinking of a detox? Delicious and refreshing, our Kombucha health drinks can be served from the fridge or at room temperature. Lewtress is the leading Artisan producer and supplier, worldwide, of 100% natural live probiotic Kombucha. We at Lewtress do not heat treat or pasteurise any of our products (this destroys most of the beneficial enzymes, amino acid and vitamin content). We do not use any preservatives, artificial flavourings or colourings of any kind. Our probiotic drinks are packaged in clear 1 litre bottles so that the live Kombucha culture particles can actually be seen. It is our unique fermentation process that ensures that all our high potency probiotic drinks contain over 124 identified beneficial compounds and over 500 million beneficial bacteria per serving. This has been established with regular analytical testing in the U.K and specialist lab testing in the U.S.
What is Kombucha?
Please note that 12 bottles of probiotic drinks would supply one person for 3 months at the recommended intake of 50ml three times per day.
Courier delivery to UK is £7.95 for 2 or more 1 litre bottles - with free shipping for order over £55.
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Lewtress Sencha Kombucha Tea Probiotic Health Drink - 2 x 1 Litre Bottles
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Lewtress Sencha Kombucha Tea
Probiotic Health Drink - 2 x 1 Litre Bottles
£14.50 (2 x 1 ltr bottles)

2 x 1 litre Sencha Green Tea Kombucha
(20 servings per bottle)

Lewtress Kombucha, the original live, and only High Potency Probiotic Kombucha

Medium dry and semi-sparkling, Lewtress Kombucha is Delicious! Forget the rest - try the BEST!

Lewtress Kombucha green tea is non-dairy, meaning that it will help your digestive system rather than irritate it unlike many other ‘high street quality’ products on the market that are dairy and sugar based.

Sencha Green Tea was first introduced into Japan over 1200 years ago and was used as a way of keeping alert but calm during long meditations.

Green tea contains important polyphenols which are believed to be responsible for most of green teas’ roles in promoting good health.  Modern research has confirmed many health benefits from including green tea in your daily diet.

Traditional Chinese medicine has recommended green tea for relief of headaches, body aches and pains, high blood pressure, digestion, low mood levels, immune enhancement, detoxification and as an energiser to help prolong a healthy life.

Based on the finest available Sencha green tea extracts, Sencha is one of the mildest tasting of our Green Tea Kombucha range but still shares the same detoxifying qualities and all the other benefits that Kombucha can provide.

Green tea is rich in catechin polyphenols, in particular those called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG’s are powerful anti-oxidants known to inhibit the growth of abnormal cells, without harming healthy tissue.
Green Tea also contains antioxidants that help combat heart related ailments as well as giving holistic protection to the entire body. 
It has also been shown to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria in the mouth and reduce cavities.

A totally natural product, Sencha is often used in a maintenance programme, or between using one of the other Kombuchas

Compared with other soft drink and table versions on the market (most of which have been treated or preserved in some way, thereby limiting the health benefits). Our Sencha Green Tea Kombucha has been fermented as a health tonic, the way nature intended, with no artificial flavourings, colourings, or preservatives of any kind.

What are the benefits?

  • A general tonic for calmness and balance.
  • An aid to good digestion.
  • Suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians and Diabetics.
  • Manufactured under strict controls.
  • 100% pure, natural ingredients.
  • Can be added to mineral water or fruit juice.
Suggested serving 50ml 3 times a day (1 litre provides approximately 20 servings)
£14.50 (2 x 1 ltr bottles)
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