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For many years the South Americans have been respected for their longevity and sexual vigour. This may be in part due to their traditional belief in the qualities of Damiana. In the countryside rural people turned to Damiana when villagers asked their advice about increasing energy and stamina for improved performance.
Lewtress Damiana Aphrodisiaca complex is based on Live Kombucha culture extract, harmonising and complementing the herbs while providing a completely holistic and very palatable preparation.
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Bio Active Herbal see also: Kombucha Tonics 
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Lewtress Damiana Aphrodisiaca 2500mg Capsules
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Lewtress Damiana Aphrodisiaca
2500mg Capsules
1 Pot (60 capsules)£25.95
2 Pots (120 capsules)£46.50
3 Pots (180 capsules)£65.95


Lewtress Damiana Aphrodisiaca

Damiana Aphrodisiaca originates from Mexico and Central America.  This popular herb has been used since ancient times and has become widely known as a potent aphrodisiac.  Lewtress Damiana contains seta-bitoserol which is said to aid the sexual organs reigniting desire and pleasure.  Damiana is particularly suited for women as it can support hormone levels and even aid nervous exhaustion.  This could therefore be of some help when experiencing PMT or menopausal discomfort. 
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What are the benefits?

· An aid to hormonal balance.
· May help combat nervous exhaustion.
· Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
· Free from any fillers, additives or preservatives of any kind.
· 100% pure, natural ingredients.
· Made under strict controls.

Each vegetable capsule contains 450mg of 5:1 concentrated pure Damiana extract, equivalent to 2250mg dry herb.
We dispatch all our products in plain packaging.

Suggested intake: 1 capsule twice daily.
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