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Lewtress Guarana Kick - GUARANA
Single 20ml Vial£3.50
Pack of Ten x 20ml Vials£29.95

For when you are feeling lethargic, run down, lacking enthusiasm, or in need of prolonged energy, Lewtress Guarana 'Kick' can provide you with that boost to help you through the day or night.

Supplied in a 20ml vial (the size of a small battery), you can keep a vial or two handy - perfect for clubbers, sports people or late night workers. Each vial contains 3300mg of Guarana and is based on live bio-active Kombucha culture extract with appropriately 15% alcohol as a preservative.

A single vial will provide a boost for approximately 6 hours, far longer than caffeine based drinks.

Lewtress Guarana kicks can be drunk neat, or mixed with a little fruit juice - as Guarana has quite a strong flavour.

You can purchase Lewtress Guarana Kicks either singly, or in packs of ten for a discount price.

Energy & Endurance

guarana energy booster
Guarana is great for giving you that extra 'boost' when you need it. We have many customers from all walks of life who take our Guarana Kicks - from clubbers, endurance sportspeople, and every other pursuit and profession in between. One of our most avid devotees to Guarana Kick is a Welsh Sheep Farmer who buys them 40 at a time and has one every morning with his orange juice!
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